The Sang’ida Foundation Touch for Change (CBO)

The Sang’ida foundation is a non-profit, non-political Community Based Organization (CBO) dedicated to supporting women and children with special needs among the pastoralist communities, to achieve their full-life potential through rehabilitation and talent tapping while leveraging a holistic approach to re-integrate them back to the society.


To level the playing field for women and children with special needs in society;


To see women and children with disabilities accessing equal life opportunities and living dignified lives.


We have worked with over 100 persons with disabilities and more than 20 support groups in the hard to reach areas in the northern parts of Kenya. Our commitment to level the playing field for persons with disabilities (PWDs) has further positively impacted more lives in many other parts of Kenya and beyond.

Through donors and well-wishers, the Sang’ida Foundation has been able to rescue and offer a Children’s home to more than a dozen children with disabilities (CWDs) and continues to engage with 60+ women with disabilities outside the home. Through our continued fundraising efforts, the Sang’ida Foundation seeks to empower more persons living with disabilities through awareness, knowledge sharing, quality healthcare and community sensitization with the interests of PWDs.